Zuma asked to resign as the President of SA

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In a remarkable letter from one of the stalwarts of the anti-apartheid struggle SA president Jacob Zuma has been asked to resign. The letter by Revd Canon Barney Pityana says SA is “in shambles, and the quality of life of millions of ordinary South Africans is deteriorating”.


Dear Mr Zuma


I write this letter with a simple request: that you resign from all public office, especially that of President and Head of State of the Republic of South Africa.

I am, of course, aware that you have been re-elected President of the African National Congress, the majority party in our National Assembly. I am also aware that, in terms of our electoral system, that allows the ANC to present you as a candidate to the National Assembly and use their majority therein to put you in office, without much ado. It would also appear that by its recent vote the African National Congress has expressed confidence in your leadership. You can then understand that I am taking an extraordinary step, and I can assure you one that has been carefully considered, in asking for your resignation.

Our country is in shambles, and the quality of life of millions of ordinary South Africans is deteriorating. Confidence in our country, and its economic and political system, is at an all-time low. There is reason to believe that ordinary South Africans have no trust in your integrity as a leader, or in your ability to lead and guide a modern constitutional democracy that we aspire to become. That, notwithstanding the fact that our Constitution puts very minimal requirements for qualification as a public representative including the highly esteemed office of President and Head of State, and Head of the Executive. What is clear, at the very least, is that the President must have the means and the inclination to promote and defend the Constitution, and uphold the well being of all South Africans. I have reason to believe that, notwithstanding the confidence that your party has placed on you, you have demonstrated that you no longer qualify for this high office on any of the counts stated above.

As President and Head of State you should take responsibility for the lamentable state in which our society finds itself. This prevailing toxic and amoral environment must surely have something to do with the manner in which you assumed office, by trampling down on all semblance of the rule of law, and corrupting agencies of state. We are constantly reminded of the truth of Shakespeare’s words: “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall” (Measure for Measure II.2) The result is that we are in a Macbethian world where there is absence from the moral landscape of this dear land of ours any sense of positive good, any sense of personal involvement in virtue, loyalty, restraint. As a result we are in the morass of paralysis of moral power as a society. I believe that we are justified in exclaiming with Marcellus in Hamlet 1.iv “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” And so we say “All is not well.”

As citizens we need not ask of our President and Head of State any more than the practice of virtue. To live a virtuous life is to express the goodness of and the possibilities for good in human living. These have at times been expressed as the cardinal virtues: temperance, courage, prudence and justice. For that the leader must lead by example, be a person of common wisdom, and understand the environment of her/his operations enough to serve the people and be driven by a desire to govern well.

There is no place in this for exploiting the high office for personal gain or benefit, or using state resources to buy loyalty, or to elevate party or family above the public good. Without this radical prescription of service our democracy is hollow, becomes a dictatorship of the Party, until the next elections when the voters once again get coaxed to vote for The Party! The personal attributes of a leader are an important assurance that our democracy is in good hands: excellence in virtue, truth, trust, wisdom, insight, discernment, and sound judgment.

That cesspit of a-morality is to be found in the prevalence of rape in all its brutal forms, in the disregard for loyalty – how does one explain that a close friend of Anene Booysen ‘s brother in Bredasdorp is one of the suspects of her murder. You yourself know only too well that a daughter of a close friend and comrade of yours accused you of rape! Though, happily, you were acquitted of the charge, the stench of disloyalty and taking advantage of unequal relations remains. South Africans live in fear, they are angry; they are poor (and getting poorer) and burdened by debt. What could be alleviating poverty, like social grants and social housing, is failing in practice because the poor have what is due to them pocketed by corrupt officials, and instead suffer the indignity of living life as beggars in their own land. Whether it be from marauding criminal gangs, or crime syndicates that appear to operate with some impunity, or the elderly terrified of their own grandchildren, or neighbours who cannot be trusted, or girl schoolchildren who are at the mercy of their teachers who may rape or abuse them, or corruption and theft from public resources by government ministers and public servants, or failure to meet the basic requirements of schooling most notably school textbooks not being delivered on time, or citizens who die in our hospitals because there are no doctors , or no medicines, or the thousands who dies on our roads, or protesters like Andries Tatane in Ficksburg, or the Marikana 46, or those murdered by the Cato Manor police death squad in extra-judicial murder, South Africans live in fear. Are we effectively in a police state? This situation is the direct result of the failure of public policy.

Besides the social and moral breakdown that engulfs our society, the economic woes for ordinary South Africans are not abating. Social inequality has widened since the end of apartheid – and that is something to be ashamed of. The extent of escalating unemployment in our country is surely nothing to be proud of, and poverty that has become endemic, almost irreversible, that haunts our every being cannot be gainsaid. The gaping disparities between rich and poor is a sad indictment on a party that has been in government since the onset of our constitutional democracy. The inadequacy of policy is attested to by the succession of downgrades by rating agencies, and the despair of the poor expresses itself in incessant demonstrations throughout the length and breadth of our country.

South Africans are angry, and they have every reason to be so. There is evidence that your party and government no longer have the intelligence, ideas or initiative to take bold, radical and necessary steps to arrest this slide into oblivion. Besides just being without the intelligence to change the course of history, evidently your Party and government do not even have the inclination preoccupied as it is by a relentless programme of self-enrichment. Not even the otherwise promising National Planning Commission Report will solve the challenges we face because it is too little too late, lacks specificity and is without urgency or determination. Yes, we also have the promise of a multi-billion rand infrastructure development spend that is bound to end up in failure no less than the ignoble defence procurement debacle, based on the prevailing rector of corruption in government. Why, because there are already signs that this initiative has become the target of looters and thieves, many of whom with the full knowledge of the political elite in your party and government. This failure of government is also to be seen in the lamentable e.toll saga, in the handling of the farmworkers demands and essential decision-making in the highest office in the land: the appointments of the Chief Justice, of the Head of the NPA, in government by demands rather than by policy and principle, The picture that emerges is one of lack of leadership that is courageous about things that matter. Yes, we see it in the majority of appointments you make that, with notable exceptions, are lackluster and mediocre. These include appointments to cabinet, Provincial Premiers, and even political appointments to diplomatic service, and a gradual erosion of the independence of significant institutions like the judiciary by blatant political interference. These are nothing but an insult to the intelligence of South Africans.

Notwithstanding all this, there is a sense that this country is without an imaginative, transformative chief executive. Instead, where serious matters, as in the outrageous use of state resources to build extensions to your private home amounting to some R206m (if we accept Minister Thiulas Nxesi’s assurances, which no reasonable South African should!), you indulge us in the art of equivocation. Is it true that every room in the Nkandla Zuma Estate has been paid for by the Zuma family? Or is it that every room now occupied by the member of your family has been so paid for? You and your ministers so often address us with this double sense of the absurd, and obscured meaning to cover the truth. There is widespread use of state resources as a piggy-bank to meet the demands of your office or for electioneering or other forms of state patronage. Ministers like Tina Joemat-Peterson seem to labour under the belief that it is the responsibility of their office to make the resources of their offices to be available to the President at his beck and call. What about the Guptas, citizens of India who have managed to ingratiate themselves and wormed themselves into the very heart of this nation. The benefits are obvious: they get to summon ministers to their compound and issue instructions; they manipulate the cricket governing council with disastrous results; and the paper they publish has access to large resources from state agencies for which no other newspaper was ever invited to tender. Yes, we are in the midst of a new Infogate Scandal! It can only be in a ‘banana republic’ where foreign elements can succeed so easily. I wonder where else is that happening, and what about the security of the state? That would definitely never happen in India.

At the centre of this is a President who lacks the basic intelligence (I do not mean school knowledge or certificates), who is without the means to inspire South Africans to feats of passion for their country and to appeal to their best humanity. I mean being smart and imaginative, and being endowed with ideas and principles on which quality leadership is based. Our problem as a country begins by our having as head of state someone devoid of “the king-becoming graces’ to establish “virtuous rule”. It therefore sounds very hollow when you protest that as President you deserve respect. I wholeheartedly agree that the office of Head of State must be held with respect. But I submit that you are the author of your own misfortune. There is hardly any evidence that you are treating your high office with the due respect you expect of others; to bestow on the highest office in the land dignitas and gravitas is your duty. No wonder that there was a time that international observers were overly concerned about the unfinished business of criminal investigations against you, and of course, that little matter you are so proud of, your many wives and innumerable progeny – as one with potency to sow his wild oats with gay abandon. In your language this is about your culture. Besides there are far too many occasions of gratuitous disregard for the law and the constitution, and unflattering mention in cartoon media, and often your name features in associations with activities that suggest corruption. South Africans have very little reason to hold their President in awe or respect. On top of that the President makes promises he never keeps, and does not even think he owes anybody an explanation. What happened to the gentleman’s ethic, “my word is my bond”! Truth, while never absolute, must be the badge of good leadership.

My counsel to your friends and comrades who seek to protect your reputation by marching onto the Gallery and intimidate the owner of the gallery and the artist of The Spear, or those who are offended on your behalf by the Lady justice cartoon by Zapiro, or the Secretary General of the ANC who summons the Chairman of Nedbank, or the Chief Executive of First Rand for a telling off about the re-branding campaign of the FNB; or the offence caused to some by the decision by AmPlats to restructure its business operations and the threats it was subjected to; or the threats by the General Secretary of the Communist Party and his Stalinist Taliban to legislate respect for the President – none of that would be necessary if you yourself held your high office with a modicum of respect.

Besides these social ills we remain a divided society. We are not just divided by class and wealth (although that is true), or by race, or by gender as the pandemic of violence and brutality against women is the signature tune of our country to our shame; but most alarmingly, the ugly spectre of ethnicity and tribalism that has been accentuated during your Presidency needs to be nipped in the bud. Clearly, you are not the President to campaign against this malady, nor are you interested in operating above the tribal fray as other Presidents have done. Social cohesion clearly is not on your agenda. I do not mean just occasionally dressing down some opposition politician, or pointing fingers at “clever blacks”, or outrage at some indecent racist incidents. I do not even mean a badly organized Social Cohesion Conference or the discredited Moral Regeneration Movement. I mean a coordinated programme of government utilizing the instruments of state and institutions supporting democracy, like the Human Rights Commission, to drive a national strategy of social cohesion. Even universities, once the bastions of civilized life as WEB du Bois puts it, producing an intellectual corps for society that is critical, and independent, are now fast becoming reduced to apologists of failed government policies.

As a critical observer of government and the African National Congress under your leadership, I note that the tenor of government and party is fast drifting towards the conservative, authoritarian, reactionary organization, presiding over a kleptocratic state; and that is intolerant of South Africans expressing themselves. When leaders and governments know that they no longer rule with the consent of the ruled, and without their participation in their democracy they get to be afraid of even their shadows. It often takes on the persona of a playground bullyboy whenever it is unable to answer some pretty sharp critical questions about the conduct of government, and about the prevalence of crime and corruption in South Africa, or about false promises. The ANC is getting to take on a semblance of a mafia organization, a Big Brother that syndicates hard dealings against others, isolates and silences critical voices, and uses state patronage to neutralize and marginalize others. One can observe the makings of a totalitarian, fascist regime.

I am reminded proudly that it was not always like that. There has been much over time that South Africans can be very proud of. I can think of Josiah Gumede challenging John Dube for the leadership of the NNC in the 1920s where, as Peter Limb puts it in his magisterial study of THE ANC’S EARLY YEARS, the ANC had become miserable and “getting lost in mist and sea of selfishness” (does that not sound familiar?). Dube, it was judged, had become conservative, and associated with ethnic nationalism. What we miss today is that radical urgency that Josiah Gumede introduced into NNC politics, that uncompromising commitment to shape the destiny of the oppressed. Instead we get a party and President preoccupied with ethnic culturalism, and that has no idea about turning the tide of the economic life of the people of this country. There have been other examples as well which led to the ascendancy of Chief Albert Luthuli, and the removal of the likes of AB Xuma and James Moroka. Nowadays a conservative, reactionary tribal leadership is celebrated and lionised but never censured as it continues to keep a Machiavellian stranglehold and power over the organisation. The ANC is being held captive by reactionary, corrupt forces. The ANC is in danger of being reduced to a tribal club with hangers-on who seek patronage and a hand in the politics of theft. It is exactly such a tribalist sentiment that has caused the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to drive relentlessly a piece of legislation like the Traditional Courts Bill whose constitutionality is suspect, but which more importantly, clearly undermines the advances this nation has made with regard to the rights of women, and it threatens to introduce a layer of criminal justice that parallels that established by the law of the land. In a land where some 50% of the population is made up of young people and women a leadership is required that trusts the instincts of young people and that radically eschews all forms of sexism and disregard for women. A not dissimilar sentiment especially in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development must explain the abortive Secrecy Bill, and the secret revival of the National Keypoints Act is surely part of this culture of secrecy.

Besides, our country needs a President who understands democracy, especially that a constitutional democracy functions with checks and balances; that power is always exercised under check, and never in an arbitrary manner. The Head of State must be comfortable with the powers of the Constitutional Court and never to threaten at every turn to subject them to review, and to know that good governance flourishes with the oversight of parliament, and of independent organs of state, and that opposition parties are loyal opposition and patriotic and mandated by voters to champion particular positions in the public sphere. Opposition is of no mere nuisance value. It is the lifeblood of democracy. Some of your utterances suggest that you just do not get it.

I am raising my voice comprehensively now after having promised in 2009 that I shall hold my peace, and give your government a fair chance to perform. I had warned that much of your “victories” in the run-up to Polokwane and thereafter were merely pyrrhic victories. They would yet come to haunt you, I reasoned. Indeed, they have. But now any political analyst will warn that we are on a drift to a totalitarian state, twisted by a security machinery into silence and worse. Those of us who still have voice are obliged to warn against the prevailing trend. One way of addressing this confidence deficit would be for the President and all public representatives to be subjected to a probity test, to declare for public scrutiny their tax affairs, and all matters of conflict of interest. It is also not asking too much to expect that all public officers, including civil servants must express confidence in the system they preside over by sending their children to state schools, and to utilize public health facilities. This must surely include all public sector unions like NEHAWU and SADTU. Leadership matters. Leadership must be accountable and must be exemplary, and must be inspirational. That is where you fail.

Please spare us another five years under your leadership. Spare yourself any further embarrassment of ineffectual leadership. You will be judged harshly by future generations. I ask you solemnly, resign.

Yours sincerely



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  • Zihle Shosha

    Our current presidency is misusing his position. I believe he’s whole character is governed by greed! I also feel that he is the epitome of corruption. The dismay of he’s work has moved lazy children of the youth to wanting to make a change in South Africa -that is the best work he has done- on a more non-sarcastic or ironic note I maintain my point that, we cannot allow such a ignorant, tribalistic, corrupt, non-educated and selfish man govern our country. This is a clear indication of the blind leading the blind! Difference in this sence is that we see and he is blind. I may not be at the appropriate age to express such view but I will be heard! Our Chief Executive and President is failing us dismally and is not only embarrasing himself but embarassing the nation as a whole.

    I second the plee for him to step down from all positions he stands in, especially that of presidency. He, himself in his own character doesn’t have any of the things that a democratic country stands for. The transparency that we are entitled to is so hidden whenn it comes to him, that we have to assume what’s going on in he’s home. And the one person who was allowed to investigate and report to the nation has now been silenced. I’m sorry but the idea of being lead by a hypocrite makes my stomach turn.

    Nonetheless my views displayed are to express the amount of passion I have in seconding the plea that President Zuma resigns.

    Yours Sincerely

    • Leonard Welthagen

      I agree with you Zihle, his time has come. Our poor communities are getting poorer and the need is getting bigger. We need someone that can do something about this corruption and wasting of money. It brakes my heart to see these old people standing in long lines waiting for their little money. It brakes my heart to see township learners been neglected by teachers who only work for money or lack resources. I have taken some of those learners and made stars of them. Why? Not because I am good but because I love children and want what is best for them. Why can’t we get on with the job and leave the politics?

    • Bernicdewaal

      Well said, whatever your position!!

  • Richard

    I support his resignation. The parliament should also revisit the voting system. the highest office should never be forwarded by the Comrades MP but masses of the voters would vote for the suitable candidate, to avoid the repeat of the same insensitivity of the office bearer

    • Say it as it is!

      He’s a brain dead reject.. He hasn’t got an education, pretty sure the rape story is true, he’s corrupt, stealing the taxes. Look at his village you all bought for him! E-tolls should have been paid for with that money for example.. Overall, he, along with others, have managed to ruin this country and it’s getting worse quickly. Him and the entire ANC should f*@~ off

      • Lucas Belliard

        Amen! These thieves intentionally keep the masses uneducated so that their party can have another term. Zuma should be imprisoned. As an educated person who has lived in RSA 14 years, I can tell you that anyone who votes ANC is doing it out of ignorance or loyalty to a legacy which is no longer embodied. I had the privilege of going to the top rated state school in my area, and I had plenty of black classmates. The ones who had any real knowledge or interest in politics were just as appalled as I am by the ANC. It’s no longer a race thing, but the government perpetuates the racial issues and thrives off of dividing us by race. Most blacks are simply too scared to vote for what they see as a white party, so they just listen to the ANC’s usual rhetoric and cross their fingers.

        The Struggle is long over, and it’s high time that people realise that they don’t owe the ANC anything any longer. As with most successful regime shifts, those involved in removing the “bad guys” from power have grown egos to rival those they replaced, and now Zuma is holding out to see how much he can steal from the nation until we really have had enough.

        The way I see it, for what he has done Jacob Zuma should be jailed and his estate should be sold to undo some of the damage he has caused. The people should make an example out of him. Enough is enough.

        Even anarchy is better than a democracy when the leaders have their hands so far in our pockets that there’s nothing left.
        Maybe one day we’ll all be optimistic about the future like we were in 1994.

        Burn in hell Zuma
        Long live Desmond Tutu
        Rest in peace Madiba

        • The

          I agree on why the voters keep voting in the same people. I would like to add INTIMIDATION. I saw it first hand happening in Zambia then in Zimbabwe and now in South Africa!

        • Charlene

          AMEN Lucas! Couldn’t have said it better…

  • judith

    I agree. Zuma, you should resign!!!! stop making a havoc of yourself. You are NOT intelligent enough to run this country. Mr Mandela was more than capable. If he was still here, he would still be running it all behind the curtains…. CJB

  • Ree

    Does he really expect Zuma to read all that?
    Mission impossible

    • Amore


    • Palesa

      He doesn’t have to read the whole thing, it would take him years anyway. He just needs to get the gist of the letter, step down!

    • Cynthia Le Roux

      My point exactly, this is not a request to resign, it’s a manuscript ! But yes, please Mr President, just get the hell out of here! There short and sweet!

    • Jacob Zuma

      Aibo I can’t read.

      • Deon Herman

        LOL. good one

      • linda Pinkstar Mng

        Go back to a sub A Zuma

    • Emjiz

      lol my thoughts exactly

    • Sele

      LMAO! Great point though.

    • Fedup

      He can get one of his clever mates to read the letter to him. Maybe it is too long so instead, he should get someone to sumarise it.

    • Isaac

      Hahahaha…Best comment indeed!!

    • Isaac

      Hahahaha…Best comment indeed!!

  • Gideon

    I think your letter is not realistic, u should consider not writing something u not understand

    • Marc

      You should go back to school and learn how to write before you are capable of criticizing anyone on a literal level . The letter is fantastically well written, and says exactly what all forward thinking South Africans believe.

      • Charlene

        Agree Marc! This letter should be posted on EVERY social website out there, and it should be published in every news paper local and international! Everyone should be made aware of whats really going on in South Africa!

    • Chris

      Gideon, I don’t want to beat around the bush when saying this, but education is a very useful tool in life ad you should utilize it to its full extent. Just because you struggle to understand the letter, doesn’t mean you should bash on it. Its extremely well written with very few mistakes from a grammatical point of view. Besides that, asking Mr. Zuma to resign is far from unrealistic, especially with the current state of our nation.

      • Mtandnoni

        100% correct writer is a mompara. What about the incredibly well written letter didnt he understand!!

    • Daniel

      maybe you should learn how to write properly before you comment, you kind of just made yourself look like an idiot now, just saying.

    • Mtandnoni

      BP is 100% correct – you on the other hand seem to be a bit of a mompara. What about the incredibly well written letter don’t u understand!!

    • Thys du Preez

      Dear Gideon, you are an embarrassment to the Afrikaans community, either you are incredibly stupid or 16 years of age. It is 2013 and you don’t even know that trolling is considered to be worse than a coward in real life, what with you hiding behind your computer and uttering words in cyber space and what not, now you say your say, all it does Gideon, it demonstrates that there are still Afrikaans people who are of the view that black people has an inferior intellect even when he shows an incredible comprehension of and writes an analogy about Shakespeare’s work, you have the arrogance to believe that your one liner “I think your letter is not realistic, u should consider not writing something u not understand” antagonizes that. Listen Gideon, I am Afrikaans and I am telling you today to buck up your ideas or you will be having inappropriate relations with your sister for years to come.

    • Michelle

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_Pityana I think this man knows more than yourself or anybody and has full right to his request especially if the percentage of the country that is NOT blinded by corruption agrees with Mr Pityana.

    • Notafan

      Oh Gideon, you should learn how to spell even the small, seemingly unimportant words before you dare criticize an author.
      Yes, it was verbose and long winded, but what politician isn’t?

    • Flee

      Wow Gideon on a serious note id rather hold my tongue if my comment clearly shows my lack of understanding. Zuma is a sod, how do you expect a man who hasnt passed standard to be a logical “for the people” leader.

    • Craig

      Gideon, you are a typical Zuma-type moron! Go back to your cell-phone and text someone else!

    • Nicholas S.

      *you, not “u”. Poor education leads to poor decisions.

    • James

      “U” should learn better English. “U” probably didn’t understand it “urself”.

  • Hannah

    This will be the 2nd ANC leader asked to step down. What does this say about the ANC’s ability to choose a worthy leader for our country. I feel less worried about Zuma, though, than I do about what trouble the EFF might stir up. Another leader blinding the people with false promises.

    • mmm

      I think he h’s done enough n I think it will b wise for a president 2 serve only 4 1 term. I love de anc with all of my heart n I wnt it to grow bigger n bigger. Let hold on 2 what tata Madiba showed us n in 4 what he blieved in

    • candice

      What does this say about the people voting for a party presenting us with these “Leaders”.

  • http://ontimeprinters.net love gidi

    Zuma was a terrible mistake for South African to elect him President. A totally failure. He should go now. Get all his girlfriends to the village.

  • Lati

    This guy must do us a favor and resign, he has failed as a leader. He is in way over his head, leaders are born and he is no leader.

  • Johannes Jansen

    Getting rid of Zuma is one thing, but how do you get rid of stiff-neck Mac who is the mastermind behind Zuma

  • Sello

    The leader a nation elects is a leader that particular nation deserves, if South Africans are dissatisfied with its leadership the memorial service of an icon like Nelson Mandela is not the place to voice their dissatisfaction by booing its current head of state, President Zuma did not elect himself he was elected and placed in the position of president and if they want him out vote him out after all that’s how he got there, so stop the insults and disrespect if anybody should be insulted are you voted him into power. I agree that South Africa is in a leadership crisis but the South African public carries a huge part of the blame next time when electing your President let it be an informed and educated vote.

    • Alan

      That’s only partly true. With our electoral system we CANNOT elect our president – we can only vote for a party. So a few powerful and influential people in the party (and this applies to all parties) decide who will be nominated for the senior posts (yes, I know the lists are supposedly drawn up at grassroots level, but its still a few powerful people influencing the rest and leading the direction). In the case of Zuma, he didn’t become President by national election – he was voted in by a few thousand ANC party members at Manguang, who inflicted this man on the other 52 million South Africans because they were dissatisfied with Mbeki at the time.

      • linda Pinkstar Mng

        Spot on FridayAlan

        Sello, take note.

    • Helizna

      Silly Sello, South Africa didn’t vote for Zuma, the Mangaung Convention did. That means only a few thousand ANC stalwarts elected him. We didn’t have a say in the matter.

      • candice

        Silly helzina, those who voted for the party, are also to blame. They may not have voted for him as the representative but they did vote for the party he led even after reading everything about the man who would lead them.

    • Cynthia Le Roux

      Well said!

    • Anton

      “The leader that a nation elects is the leader that that nation deserves” -100% correct. Of course, after all the disappointment and absolute embarrassment that Zuma has put this country through, come next year’s election and the masses will just vote ANC and by implication Zuma again. In South Africa, we cannot win. We simply cannot win…

      • Flee

        Couldnt agree with you more..

    • Flee

      Oh dear Sello seems as though you very well written an partially correct post has just backfired on you, I do think that if we the people were the 1’s to elect our president then by all means who would be to blame an have no right to complain

    • James

      I agree in part, but look at Zimbabwe and their “free and fair” elections that were rigged from the moment someone said “Hey! how about we have an election to convince the people they chose us?” I fear that should the ANC ever lose the majority vote, we will see a sequel, with ballot boxes “disappearing” and numerous recounts until their victory is enough of a landslide…

    • Vlam

      Sello is not completely wrong in his comment. I am an optimist at the worst of times and I feel he meant that people voted for a party that predetermined who the country’s leader will be if elected into power. So by denying the ANC your vote you are denying the predetermined leader of said party the chance to lead your country.

  • Mellinah Myeni

    It is so embarassing de scadals behind our presidency but I am not de person to judge am also human I make mistakes!so I think he deserves a second chance

    • Michelle


      That twat does not deserve a job as a drive thru operator at Mc Donalds never mind lead a nation.
      You need to have a long hard look at what he managed to destroy in his years as president.
      Ask yourself, in a dangerous situation… would you put your life in his hands?

    • vincent amoretti

      yor comment makes me think of that tv show where everyone gets the opportunity to shout “GIVE HIIIM ANOTHER CHUNCE” and the contestant repeatedly got it wrong. If you fail go with dignity

    • Sele

      A second chance for what exactly? Hasn’t he done enough damage from your vantage point?

    • Rayne

      I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance…but he is running a country, not hosting a surprise party. This man, directly through his decisions and the power to do better (which he has not shown any initiative to use…not even once) holds the well-being of the South African People in his hands. We have seen no increase or good come from his time in parliament, only a decline in areas that most need attention. If only one had the time to list all this man’s political transgressions…well, we just DON’T have the time. The president is accountable, not just responsible for the people, That is what made Tata Madiba such a fantastic leader. This man is not a leader, he is a puppet. So not all the blame can go to him and I see your point here Mellinah. A true leader however would be strong enough to stand up for the rights of the people and not be swayed by money or anyone throwing it at them.

      By all means, give him a second chance in your own eyes, give him the opportunity to do better and prove to be a better human being to you, but do not suggest that he carry on playing with the lives and well-being of our people. I support the letter that was written to ask Zuma to step down…I support it and am SO glad someone with a voice has actually come out and said it. because we the people do not have a voice that is heard, so much for democracy.

  • Eugene Van Wyk

    The solution is simple. If the ANC support an incompetent leader they are by implication also incompetent as a party DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM !

    • Sele

      Very TRUE!

  • Sharon

    Well put. I think the majority of South Africans would support this argument. Unfortunately, too many are under educated and will not be able to process this and will therefore be led to the polls under threat and obligation to once again cast a vote for the ANC. Madiba did not suffer 27 years of imprisonment to result in our country being run by a clown. A clever clown, who manages to dodge the law to his advantage. It cannot be tolerated. Why do we allow it in this democracy? We have the vote. Vote responsibly!

  • http://fashionhubza.wordpress.com Sthembiso Nkosi

    Rev with all due respect, please do not say south Africans are angry, I am a proud SA citizen and I am not angry with our president and our government.

    If you have a problem just speak on your behalf not ours. I wonder if you did a survey that south Africans do not want Zuma, let your voice be through the voting polls not like this.
    If you want our excellency Zuma to resign, say its you not South Africans. I am quiet angry with you reverend for making this letter public, maybe you just want publicity for your congregation. Use other means not this way, its not appropriate.

    • Jacob Scheepers

      Well said request to resign I must say, His resignation would really leave him with a bit of respect than refusal. I would not really blame Zuma for his actions but the policies and procedures that are used to determine a president of the nation, If our constitution doesnt make provision for a qualified president how do we expect him to aplply what he has learned?

    • muhlayisi

      it is south africans on the majority and i dont know about you but last when i checked we are a representitive democracy so we vote for a party that allocates the prez so how will it be reflected in the voting polls? Another thing your a proud happy south african are you by any chance privilledged part of the anc or with a tender and know nothing about the struggles of the average wage earner then better start learning

    • David

      Ha! Sthembiso Nkosi of course we are angry! If you aren’t angry speak for yourself! The writer of this Letter is a very learned man and he knows we are angry, at least those of us who can see what the ANC and Zuma have done, or failed to do for that matter. R206 m (MORE!) in AID from UK tax payers for the many millions who still do not have running water, proper housing or toilets!! If you were really a proud South African you would see through the pathetic lies you have been told by the ANC and the not so free media.

      And please, please work on your punctuation and grammar, it’s embarrassing.

      Let me also tell you, that the Reverend does not want Publicity, he wants the South Afrcia we all want! SA has what it takes to be a great Nation, yet we sit under the pitiful, life and blood sucking hand of the Hypocritical officials who run this country. Madiba should have been laid to rest months ago, but for Zuma and the Mandela family trying to get hold of his estate. How dare Zuma say: “Comrades, I would be very happy that as we mourn and celebrate Madiba, we do not abuse his name,” seeing as that’ is exactly what Zuma has done from the start, he has played for his own gain and not for what Nelson Mandela and Frederick W de Klerk stood for, changed for and sacrificed. Since the ANC first came into power to this day the murder rate has risen from 4000 a year under the old government to 20000+ under ANC in the short few years from then. Crime is at it’s worst now. More Police are becoming corrupt and The Special Task Force and Police have risked and are risking and sacrificing more and more on the streets of this country.

      The reason we have the ANC is because of bumpkins like you.

      • karyn Pillay

        It is a tragedy to see the disrepute that zuma has brought on our nation. He removed mbeki so that he could ruin his legacy of a great leader and yet zuma has committed crimes that the anc keeps overlooking. Its a shame that the law protects him. This country will experience brain drain due to the poor leadership of zuma. Zuma should be ousted by the very people that put him in power. Hambakahle

    • You choose

      A “quiet angry” citizen of South Africa… I do not know whether I should attribute it towards spell-check or your education as a South African that the Reverend was inclined to talk about.

    • Themba

      Haibo Sthembiso,

      You are definitely amongst the stupid, blind few who follow the Emperor with no clothes. Did you hear the crowds boo-ing the person who is blatantly stealing from the people who Nelson Mandela tried to free? The man who could not even pay tribute to Nelson Mandela by speaking from the heart, but instead read some soul-less script, written for him whilst an inept translater which schizophrenia and a history of crime, stood behind him uttering nonsense to the deaf people of our world who deserved to understand everything being said? In fact this very translater was next to President Obama whilst the American Security Agents were denied access to protect their president – what kind of debacle does this present to oher countries who must be looking at Zuma with complete scorn and no confidence?

      I think the Rev is entirely correct. The people of SA are very angry. And if the ANC does not realise that history has a tendency to repeat itself, and by that I mean that there will be another revolution that will threaten the current state of play unless there is radical change, then they have another thing coming!

      • Hantie

        Well said Themba!!

    • Palesa

      Clearly you have your head in the sand just like the ANC

    • Martin

      Uhm…. Sthembiso… Are you blind???
      Have you been on another planet for a couple of years? here’s a little challenge for your… What good is happening to our country under Zumas ruling? name 5 things…. Come on, its not that difficult.

    • Flee

      What you are saying is infact very true, what we are is saying is that if you cannot see that the government and Zuma are doing absolutly nothing for the people but instead are a bunch of buddies happy to be living it up in the rich club, then with all due respect you are not very well informed wich unfortunatly is the case for the majority in South Africa. Please feel free to tell me what Zuma has done to help ur quality of life.

    • Craig

      Nkosi, you are another moron for not recognizing the obvious. Your president is guilty of everything stated in the letter. And yes, South Africans are angry! Do you not care that millions are starving as a result of complete government fiscal abuse? And that this great country has slid even further into the abys since your excellency took over? Open you eyes after you wash your hands with Johnnie Walker Blue!

    • Faith

      Sthembiso WE ARE ANGRY!Didn’t u see the president being booed?it takes a very frustrated nation to boo the president at a memorial service of our icon whom we love and respect so much!

    • Rayne

      Really now??? and are you then completely oblivious to the fact that so far you are the ONLY person who has complained about the letter in these comments. It is fair for each person to have their own opinions and if you are happy with the current regime, then that’s on you. but democracy (which is what the country supposedly stands for, which is what the ANC supposedly stands for) means hearing the voice of the people. You suggested taking a poll to see what South Africans really feel. I actually think it’s a GREAT idea…you might be surprised to find that you are in the minority. People have been speaking up against this for so long, and it has fallen on
      a) ignorant ears – people who are uneducated and don’t know any better, and to be fair probably petrified of anyone BUT the ANC having power again.

      b) arrogant ears – people who don’t care because quite frankly they are gaining out of the state of affairs.

      We would all do well to institute a government party that is comprised of people from a diverse range of parties. people who are capable of doing the job, people who are competent in leadership, people who are not scared to stand up for the truth and what is good and what is right. and lastly, people who do not all agree with each other, and maybe do not trust each other enough to let the other slack off and do what they want. perhaps this will be the ONLY way to ensure a corrupt-free environment for our country to be run. We are after all a rainbow nation. why should then our government not be so?

  • http://Intercexion2@gmail.com Leckton Mantsha

    The people have spoken…n I seconded

  • http://www.jolonimp.wordpress.com terence tracey


    i agree, there was spelling errors but as a writer myself, i would never let detail get in the way of a good story and the writer expressed a deep seated feeling that is shared by many. Gideon, it would be a folly to try to defend your booed ex president to be!


  • Misty

    Totally totally agree with every word! The rapist that got away must absolutely resign!!! You elect a thug, wat else can be expected but thuggish moves decisions and actions? Corruption is not in his vocab! Please, save face!!! Go NOW!!

  • Tukza N

    Good letter!

    This guy wasted so time, It’s not the first time he hears this. Can you please just spare us another 5 years under your leadership, and go home and relax. Nkandla is big as South Africa you will love it and also get time to learn swimming.

    You resign; we all drop you cases. win – win.

    Khathele mina wuwe!!

  • Johan Smit

    “President” Jacob Zuma, let me join the people in telling you that I am also one of the citizens in South Africa, who are not satisfied with your poor, chaotic and corrupt manner in which you and your “government” are busy exploiting and misusing the democratic system that we are using in this part of Africa.
    I will try my utmost best to influence people not to vote for your party again, since you are the head of this “monster”.
    I will and do also pray that my heavenly Father, rid us of you and all the corrupt government officials , whether by chancing your sinful and illegal behaviour or by taking you to where people with no moral standards belong: Either to Prison or to Hell !!!!
    Just think how many houses could be build with the Nkandla budget or how many children could get school books or young people get the chance to study at an university.
    You should let your head hang in shame, your forefathers would definitely not approve this bad behaviour of you and your cronies.
    Not your friend.
    Johan Smit.
    (Ps: If I could have been at the memorial of Tata Mandela, I also would have booed you, so here from me to you: Boooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

  • thatGuy

    The level of pretention is high with these comments.

  • Mahendra

    The ANC post Mbeki has transformed into a different type of animal .. Fed by greed , corruption, nepotism and bad leadership .. Shame on u guys.. Most politicians entering government in SA are doing so just to enrich themselves and have no idea that they are elected by people to serve the people..
    JZ .. The poor chap !! Is merely a product of this “new ANC” .. That we South Africans have created.. I think that the only way to change this is to vote responsibly in our elections.. The ANC need a serious challenge from the opposition parties.. We all just sit back and complain

  • Black_Sage

    I doubt the president even read this letter. Probably couldn’t even understand half of what was said. I just know that if an entire country boos my inability to do my job it would be time to reconsider my priorities. Our president has our money stuck too far up his ass to even consider giving up all his riches.

  • Ndyebo

    Is this for rea?

  • Chili Bites

    Guys, why are you all worried about the Spelling Checks?

    What about that fool that did the sing language which the ANC had approved, and for many other things that the ANC has done? YEAH it’s by time zuma!! STEPS DOWN!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gwillym.pitt Gwillym

    At this rate I’M going to run for president. I have no knowledge of law or politics but it seems those skills are not essential these days to run for office. Then I’m all set

    • Rayne

      not yet dear…do you have a criminal record?

  • Mike

    No need to say more except I would not even hire our current President as middle management in our company – HR would have had a field day with him.

  • Gloria

    Jacob Zuma, His whole Cabinet, The Government and everybody else connected to Jacob Zuma. I would like u all to do the following.: Stands at attention with your heads bowed as low as it can. Now be very ashamed of the way you have followed in Nelson Mandela`s footsteps. Your Greed, Dishonesty. Shame on you.While South Africa is bleeding, our people are getting poorer and you all must know that you are doing wrong.Please get off the stage. You are not welcome anymore.

  • Sam

    I fully agree with the letter. All South African must speak up and let our voices be heard. As a South African who is living aboard, I feel I have a beautiful country which has so much to offer to its people but the person or government has no idea what its doing. Our people are suffering and our head of state is embarrassing us world wide as South Africans. I’m a very proud South African and my option is if we continue we will soon end up like our neighboring country Zimbabwe. So while we still can lets stand together and make South Africa a better country for us and our future generation to come.

  • NP

    Tata Mandela has work very hard for South Africans and we can’t let Zuma bully us and steal from us as well. Most importantly destroy what Tata has built Zuma must just SIT DOWN ~ step baba

  • sss

    So many valid points made but I believe you lose credibility when you start bashing the grammar and spelling of others. Sticking to the point, the bigger picture and together could possibly get us moving further a long the path of recovery.

  • Darrel Anton

    “…and to sow his wild oats with gay abandon…” what with Nkandla, the secrecy bill and the list goes on. So, Pityana’s letter is not only appropriate but spot on.
    He Zuma must do the honourable thing and resign while he still can. No matter the comments of many, the truth is exactly what is, and it is clearly expressed in the letter. The more the truth is spoken the angrier society becomes. When the majority chooses its leaders then they deserve what they get. This country deserves better and what an indictment on Madiba’s legacy! When he resigns he can take a much needed shower…to cleanse himself of all the immoral dirt and stains. Finally, i am not judging him because he has done a good job of doing that himself.

  • Ruhan

    The only thing Zuma can do wisely is to spend money on rubbish that isn’t a improvement to our country the R200 000000 mansion he built for him self was unessasery many homeless people still dont have any kind of roofs over their heads because of him

  • rawdred

    Zuma represents the mentality of most of the ANC party. Therefore having him resign would be a drop in the ocean in regards to moving the country forward. Anyone with the ability to leave the country has left or are trying to leave. The ANC is an embarrassement unto itself,relying solely on the legacy of a dead hero. The ANC have not the foresight or intelligence to take South Africa into the rainbow future it deserves to be.
    This opinion is based on the leadership shown by the ANC so far and by the man they have elected to lead the ANC.

  • Katherine Pretorius

    I agree, brilliant letter, valid points. If we stand together as a nation, we can overcome the likes of Zuma, but only together….

    • Risha

      The greatest servant leader of our century has said:
      “If the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government”-Nelson Mandela

      Therefore it is important for us to stand up against the brand of oppression that the people of this country are facing.
      I appeal to members of the ANC to re-evaluate the purpose of the party (as the founders intended) and not to succumb to the leadership lobbying of a few power hungry individuals.
      We all know that a fish rots from the head. This is the sad reality that we face in the country.
      However, we as the people can make a difference if we stand together.
      It’s time to take action.

  • Vincent

    If he qualifies for president then I am over qualified as an Engineer. I support his resignation… and the withdrawal of the ANC.

  • Citizen 1

    I aggree let get a new president. A man whom will stand up for south africans, as we all are.

  • Christian Pretorius

    Such an amazingly well written letter. Articulating what I feel is a very fair assessment of the current situation in South Africa. This was an enjoyable read. I hope everyone that reads (or attempts to), will share it with others.

    • http://morningafrica Buttercup

      If God can’t help us who can ?? A very well written letter !! The ANC helped destroy a country which does not belong to White nor Black, last time

    • Ray Erasmus

      I agree. Perfect summary of the current situation. I’m as depressed as most others about this most unpopular president ever. Every time he opens his mouth or does something the rand plunges and we all suffer the consequences. He is an embarrassment to the nation. As long as he is president there is no hope of improving our quality of life in SA. Dark days ahead. The ANC has a problem they can’t solve. In my opinion it will lead to their eventual downfall if they don’t solve it soon. Yes, we are an angry nation.

  • http://Facebook Roby Lee

    This is CRAZY people. Will robert mogabe of Zimbabwe resign from office?

  • Buttercup

    Well, the letter BP wrote could not have been more SPOT on !!! Is or could the ANC really be proud of this country that they helped destroy ?? Shame on you !! Yes we are an angry NATION, and yes we DO live in fear, fear is from SATAN, my God does not put fear in the hearts of men … I hope and pray, as do many ppl in and around SA, that my God will open the hearts and eyes of the citizens of this country, and give us all an open sound mind when it comes to our next election!! If God can’t help us, then who can ??

    • Marie


  • http://Facebook Roby Lee

    This is CRAZY people. Will robert mogabe of Zimbabwe resign from office?
    Believe me, zuma is even worse. Wait and see.

  • De-Wet Nagel

    I’ll add my voice in support of this letter, though I might not agree with all of it or with the tone in certain sections, it would be remiss of me to not act in support of positive change for our beautiful country and asking our president to step down at the very least allows him to take one step in the right direction.

  • Vulo

    Intellectuals and the media are so lazy. Instead of analyzing the real reason people vote for ANC and thereby Zuma they come up with useless ways of getting what they want. Elections are about 5 months away and I bet ANC will win 65% or more and Zuma will be the next president for the next 5years. Then you will again blame stupid people and electoral system. As intellectuals you claim you are, think deeper and come up with real reasons why you always get it wrong instead of being lazy.

    • http://www.silvertreelandscapes.co.za Paul

      Your statement doesnt really make that much sense.


    Thank you, at loooooooooooooooooong last.

    • Creswell

      Now please all you democratic fools where none of you have any space nor integrity to allow justice and rightfulness rein above all else you should all learn to keep quite.Instead of judging and criticizing something that has already been done let us rather stand together as one nation for a change.

  • Lizette Jonker

    Reverend Pityana, I am behind you 100%. Perhaps a new party should be started – the New ANC? Or maybe we should name it Mandela’s ANC? None of us are perfect, but we should all work hard to make this country a better place for all our brothers and sisters. It won’t be enough for Zuma alone to step down – there are many ANC members who have been stuffing their pockets with tax money meant for the poorest of the poor. The eyes of the world are on us! Let us start another revolution! Let us not stop booing out loud!

  • Dr. T.I.M. Jooste

    Dr. Pityana, your letter gave new hope for a better future in this country to millions of people. Be strong and take courage. South Africa needs leaders like you in this critical hour. We can avoid our responsibilities up to a certain point BUT we can NEVER avoid the consequences of avoiding our responsibilities.


    • PAB

      Dr Ptyana your letter gave hope All we need are more people prepare to offer their real help But not without the Blessing of God our Saverer Let us keep on Praying for His Will and offer our unconditional support to help each other To belief in what will help us all to save the Counrty Let us belief that our God Will also talk to Zuma to stand aside as not all are natural Leader such as Madiba
      May we get our God to proof to us by asking Him without fail He ill provde what he wants us to do

  • Johannes

    Get rid of Zuma’s brains trust. Mac Maharash & kie.

  • http://www.marty.com marty

    Barney quoting Shakespeare – funny !

  • http://www.silvertreelandscapes.co.za Paul

    It cant be that hard to just do the right thing.I will support any party that is willing to do there job correctly and have a simple interest in the populations well being.
    I don’t understand how people can still vote for a party that is blatantly corrupt and has little or no interest in the people that vote for them.
    It makes no sense to me.I have become uncaring towards the situation.
    I cast my vote each election to a party that I feel will do the job thats my only emotional response to the state of the nation.
    I will say this though he is right in saying that the country will become more poor.
    You cant run a country the way it is being run and expect to have success. Education is poor.Use of tax money is not being well spent or stolen.Basic services are badly run.
    Why do we have only eskom and telkom as basic service providers they are also supported by government. Both companies are monopolies that are not run correctly and cost us massive amounts of tax payers money.

    Its large factors like that are draining the country.
    The list go’s on.

  • http://morningafrica Buttercup

    Unfortunately the “white minority” in SA just can’t stand together …. what a pity!!
    If you don’t vote – I’m sorry, then you have no reason to complain, if you wanna lick the ANC’ butt, go ahead, they don’t care or even know about you, this country is a fkn mess, and anybody in their right mind would agree that our future looks rather bleak … a 2nd ZIM here we come, it is soo soo sad really!!

  • PAB

    Dr Pityana your letter higlite to concern of all and your leadership Calls for other to offer their experience unconditional But nothing may happen without us asking God to bless us all to provive a helping hand to each other Only our God and Saver will also talk to Pres Zuma to understand that he fail to lead the rainbow natoin as Madiba who had the Hand of the only God to help him every day with wisdom May we all keep on Praying that God show us His will

  • Earl Smith

    And that’s a big “if” he does resign, what happens then?

    Do you believe the next (ANC) leader won’t be corrupt ?
    I think in order for S.A. to change, the party needs changing…….
    Let’s hope they realise this too and elect someone through intelligence and not cause he’s promised you a house ;)

  • Sam

    # GAME OvER # Zuma

    • Malau Kgosi

      I applaud the courage to step up.. In the end we all got to stand up for what we believe in. Right?!?! Or perhaps it is time to let someone else take a shot at actually building the nation.

      Why not a woman? Or her party? Helen!?!?! Why not Helen. Wait!! before you shoot me down.. It is merely a suggestion. After all, if you are not happy with something and yet hold the power to make the necessary changes, why not?

      Alternatively, as a nation, a suitable candidate that is chosen and approved by ALL to be chosen; that is if the party is to stay. The house eventually has to be cleaned at some point.. Lest all will fie of NCDs..

      Gideon & Sthembiso, NCD – Non Communicable Diseases.. Just in case you were wondering..

  • Hein Esterhuizen

    Very well written letter and gutsy to bring that all out into the open. I think he hit the nail on the head in asking for him to step down – but honestly we have very little chance of that happening, as the saying goes ‘ absolut power corrupts absolutely’. The ATM of South African Taxpayers or still being used to grow their own personal fortunes through corrupt activities. Personally I don’t care whom is in power, provided they rule with ethics, regard for the law and respect for South African Society at large that voted them into office.

  • patrick

    even if he can resign his cabinet will continue with corruption, i wish he can take all his cabinet as well as his followers to another planet and live our splendid country to be ruled by people who are really interested in what people want. we SOUTH AFRICANS are going down gradually economically.
    this is just my expression!!
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rex

    For any decent governance it is necessary for the representative of the people to recognise that it is the people that he is working for. The problem with government in SA today is that it has become a well paid job where performance is not adequately measured or even a requirement. For real responsible government allow one man one vote and then give every registered tax payer an extra vote per R10000 of tax paid. Then find people who don’t need an income to enter government. Successful people running the country would result in growth of the economy rather than personal fortunes.

  • faceinthecrowd

    The ANC should be watching carefully. They have the capacity to run this country well and will hopefully live up to the legacy of Madiba they have entitled themselves to.

  • Kayt

    Thank you for this letter! Unfortunately I highly doubt that the president will bother to read it, and it is so well-written that I sincerely doubt he will understand much of it – having been very poorly educated himself! I do however attest to the fact that millions of South Africans will agree 100% with your words and will second your motion for the president to stand down, A leader leads by example and therefore (as you stated) Zuma and all of his officials should send their children to state schools and receive the medical care that is sponsored by the government. I find it heart-breaking to live in a once beautiful country that is being torn apart by crime, corruption and total greed! There are so many orphans in this country who could be helped with the money Zuma is spending on himself. So many schools and hospitals could have been built with the money that was wasted on the e-toll system and Zuma’s many majestic residences. So many lives could have been saved if the police and judicial systems had not become so corrupted! Mandela saved the country from civil-war and preached forgiveness to the people – and he showed us how to forgive! Zuma seems to want to bring apartheid (aka apart-hate!) back the other way round! We would love to live as a rainbow nation in harmony with one another, but if things go on the way they are right now then our beloved nation will find itself either in the horrors of civil war (please God no!) or under a dictatorship to rival Hitler’s! Yes, people voted for the ANC but a lot of them did it because they were threatened, and on top of that who’s to say that the vote-count was accurate in the first place? We need not only to be able to vote for a party but to be able to vote for the actual president himself, only then will we be able to live in true freedom! South Africa is following in Zimbabwe’s folly, we can only pray (and pray we shall!) that the Lord will deliver us from such a governmental debacle as Mugabe’s! I hope and pray that the majority of people will vote against Zuma in the next election, but first prize would most definitely be Zuma’s resignation! Let us stand together against corruption and crime and vote in a leader who has a heart for the people! No more gravy-train – let’s stand for a country where the rate of unemployment drops, where the poor are fed and the orphans are cared for, where crime decreases and greed is no more! I pray Zuma will hear the voice of his people and resign before it is too late!

  • osama vanker

    Ya he mus get out
    hes a useless president
    thanks for getting your self out of here

  • Futureand better SA

    He shud go live in Zim after resigning.
    but if the poor guy can’t read someone should at least draw him pictures.

  • Mel Carlin

    Expecting a man with no honor to behave honorably is somewhat like expecting a hyena to become a vegetarian. Actually, I think you’d have better luck with the hyena…

  • Hitesh

    To all South Africans. There is no need to complain about the president. All we have to do to voice our dissatisfaction of the current state of the country is vote for any other party rather than the ANC. As long as ANC does not get a majority two thirds vote in parliament, they do not have the final say in all major decisions.

  • mika

    you all should really think what you are wishing for he will only resign so that Malema can take his position then i wonder what is gona become of South Africa

  • Thobeka Mini

    We all know that he’s hasn’t been a great president at all but the question is what are we doing about it?
    If we not happy with the government we should be doing what the anti-apartheid people did to the apartheid government.

  • Nicholas

    As much as I agree about the writings in this letter, the sad reality is that he will not resign, he will not accept responsibility and far more important in all these issue….he DOES not care about our views.

    The man brings new meaning to Despicable…

  • Anon

    Zuma you are no longer the peoples President. To the ANC what exactly are you thinking. The baton as been dropped to many times. Have what it takes to ask his resignation, before your country chooses for you.

    The universe always answers the cry of its Nation, I believe a leader we can believe in will rise again. We just to stand together.

  • http://MorningAfrica songezile selby

    Nooooo I dont think its True nop

  • Marc

    While in agreement with a large portion of what Mr Pityana has to say, there is one statement that stands out as the very reason this country (and much of the world) is in the confused state it is. “Truth, while never absolute, must be the badge of good leadership.” If truth is never absolute, whose ‘truth’ should we believe? Mr Pityana’s? Mr Zuma’s? Verwoerd’s? mine? yours? It is because we refuse to accept the reality of absolute truth that we are forever floundering about in the dark, whether with black or white messiahs on our man made thrones. The true Messiah Jesus said that God’s Word is Truth, and that the Truth will set us free.

  • James

    I completely agree with this letter and many of the comments: in 2014, let us not sit on our hands, our thumbnails free from the ink of democracy, and cry about the corrupt leadership. “Be The Change You Want To See” (quote from don’t know who) and in case you think it’s impossible to get rid of this gibbering bunch of baboons, “They said it was impossible, until it was done” -Tata Madiba

  • mohamed

    actually am not south African am from Somalia and am here in the country for while and i saw lot of things which are unbelievable and i don’t think zuma has to be blamed because no one can guess the can a situation hes on, and i don’t think with the financial of the country can make every south African to be fulfilled, and if i guess what forces him to resign is situation of the country is not good and it wont seems to be good!!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Marc, well said. Except you missed a bit. It’s not just the truth that sets you free (otherwise we’d all be free!), it’s the truth you KNOW that sets you free. John 8:32. Subtle, but big difference.

    For my part, I’d say that allowing Zuma to resign, is letting him off far too lightly. I think the entire ANC should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    But that’s just me. What would I know? I’m just a cowardly whitey who ran away and had the cheek to try to give his young family half a chance in this world.

    • Sabelo Mkwae

      Mark, I find it very strange for people you who have guts stand tall and proclaim that “the entire ANC should be tried for crimes against humanity”. Mark people like forget easily, your forefather received our humbly forgiveness for the crimes done unto black communities during apartheid.

      maybe I missed something here, would you elaborate which are those crimes against humanity that the ANC has done?

      We know very well that most of you never liked the ANC although you claim to love Madiba. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

      You can do better than this….

    • Sabelo Mkwae

      Mark, I find it very strange that you people who have guts stand tall and proclaim that “the entire ANC should be tried for crimes against humanity”. Mark people like you forget easily, your forefathers received our humbly forgiveness for the crimes done unto black communities during apartheid.But you come here with narrow-political idea which does not hold any water.

      Maybe I missed something here, would you elaborate which are those crimes against humanity that the ANC has done?

      We know very well that most of you never liked the ANC although you claim to love Madiba. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

      You can do better than this…

      • Mark

        Sabelo, I don’t recall claiming to love Madiba, as you put it. Heaven forbid, however, that I ever say anything not in favour of Mr Mandela. Probably the most politically incorrect thing anyone could do these days! As it happens, I don’t – like most of the world – think he was the Messiah and, like you, despise the notion of his widespread adolation amongst beneficiaries of the apartheid system who, by all accounts, were quite comfortable with his internment at the time. Sure, he was an icon. Was he overrated? I happen to think so and, yes I am consistent and, actually, racially completely neutral. Always have been. Just because I didn’t spend every waking moment toy-toying around my upper-middle class white neighbourhood (as a child, which I was at the time), doesn’t make me racially biased one way or the other. Why should the ANC be tried for crimes against humanity? For the same reason the old apartheid NPs should be – for monumentally cocking up a perfectly good country and its people. Happy with the explanation? It’s about the most politically correct way I could put it! Just one last thing – try not to tar all white 1960s South African kids with the same brush (if you’ll pardon the awkward idiom) and I’ll continue not to with you and and all people. Don’t make it a race thing. That’s just getting old now.

  • arnold

    We have a lot of people who follow blindly,a person must be very uneducated to c that Zuma is bad news for SA,this man must be in jail for his crimes not leading our country! Its a pity because opposition parties don’t seem to know what they can offer us the citizens of this country….others want to make our country another zimbabwe….Good letter Rv BP….time to resign and face your crimes Mr Zuma!

  • Mtizozo

    ZUMA is undoing what Mandela did, hes succeffuly destroying the ANC into pieces and lastly our beloved country. Before is too late he must humbly step down.

  • Netesh

    I was surprised at the crowds behavior. Though they have a right to express their vented frustration. Who would have heard them ordinarily?

    When our honorable president sleeps warm at night, many people prior and even after 94 have no proper shelter! Whilst government send out tenders for food, citizens die of hunger! Whilst officials get far out bonuses, the country has no jobs!

    When the honorable president is sick, he has the best doctors yet the country who cant afford medical aid will have to wait up to 12 hours just to see a doctor in a public hospital.

    Whilst over 200 million is spent on his security upgrade at home (he knows how safe SA really is), our people are been murdered, raped, robbed etc.

    Whilst his wives get amazing “allowances”, the old women of the country will have to work till they die because we have a poor social security system!

    A leader walks with his people. He grows with them and not ruin them. He helps them up, not bind them down. He sees for the people and not himself. His wallet is not a concern for if he really loved the nation, it would be open till the country is right.

    My respects and adoration to the stalwart comrades who fought for the country.

    I wish our beloved government could see the state in which our country is in. We can say so much more, yet do you think they listen or even understand? Money and power has won their souls.

  • Faithlynn

    This would be the Second time since the new Democratic South Africa, that a president will be asked to step down from his post as Chief and Commander.

    The caliber of leaders we elect is mere a symptom of whats wrong with our society, because in all fairness, we elect them into power regardless of the obvious short falls.

    We stand at the brink of elections again and it will be up to us to bring about change and set the bar higher in electing a most suitable Leader to serve the nation with integrity and to a brighter South Africa, regardless of which Party he/she serves under.

  • Putin

    He should ask his clever friend Julius Malema to read the letter for him.

  • Vlam

    The options are simple, people. We have a majority party in this country that elects a leader without your input. If you don’t like the leader, deny the party your vote. Problem solved.

  • Armand

    It is my opinion that the government and the president should be tried and found guilty of all the brutal crimes in this country. This being murder, rape, corruption, farm attacks as well as poverty. This will include Zuma, the chief of police and all other deputies that is standing with these guys. They must be tried and convicted of the fact that they are directly responsible for these crimes as they are the leader of this country.

  • Elisabeth

    weg met die man

  • Greg Bester

    Shoh! Lawyered!